Petición de oración

I want to thank God for allowing me to pass my LVN board exam and for doing well last quarter in school. My requests are to bless my aunt with healing, bless my other aunt with her personal issues, and also to help my mom finacially. I need God to bless me with a husband who is a Catholic, Igbo, tall, dark, handsome, rich, caring, loving, respectful, honorable, popular, will love me and my family whole-heartedly, who is extremely well-educated (like a doctor, lawyer, engineer, professor, actor, athlete, etc) and just in all out wonderful man. I need God to help me find a job and to do well in school this quarter.
Cómo Dios está respondiendo mi oración:

My aunt is healed and out of the hospital. My other aunt has had all her personal issues solved.

Nkem Chiedu
New York, NY
United States
Agosto 29, 2011