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Please oh please let my husband find a job soon. He's been out of work 8 weeks now, he's had multiple good interviews, promises of offers but no true offers. The stress is showing, I am anxious and he feels like I am not supportive. And I do support him but I am so scared - scared that this will scar our marriage. He works so hard and I love him so much. Please Lord, let him catch a break soon and find a job where he can be happy. And please - if it is Your will - let it be close to home so we don't have to move again. I know I am so very blessed by You and I hate to be so needy. Jesus, I trust in You.
Cómo Dios está respondiendo mi oración:

Still hoping God will answer this prayer...

A Ha
Hudson, Ohio
United States
Noviembre 23, 2020