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For my husband that he may find employment soon, he has interviews on Monday and Tuesday, please Lord let the company and the interviewers look favorably upon him and offer him the position. We have just canceled our Christmas plans with our family due to the Covid risk, please keep us all safe albeit separate and please give me the grace to cope with my hurting heart at being separated from my sons and my mom over this blessed holiday. Please help me find calm in my anxious and fearful heart. Amen ---- We have prayed with you
Cómo Dios está respondiendo mi oración:

God answered our prayers! My husband received a written offer today and accepted it. GOD IS GOOD! We are praying for your requests and will continue to do so. It's been a long road here, keep praying, do not become discouraged. There is so much graciousness here...

Ann Hans
Hudson, OHIO
United States
Diciembre 12, 2020