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Enseñanza inspirada en las lecturas bíblicas diarias de la Iglesia Católica

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Daily Bread

  • Programas de esta semana

    • answered prayer - 15th week in ordinary time
      Lunes, Julio 15, 2024 (14:00)
      Father shows us in scripture how God can answer our prayer, but not always as we expect.
    • prophecy
      Martes, Julio 16, 2024 (14:00)
      Father talks about the many times prophesies are mentioned in the bible.
    • the lie of self-sufficiency #1
      Miércoles, Julio 17, 2024 (14:00)
      Father begins his teaching on our total dependence on God. We might think we are responsible for the results.
    • the lie of self-sufficiency #2
      Jueves, Julio 18, 2024 (14:00)
      Father continues today, emphasizing the total dependence we have on God for absolutely everything.
    • time
      Viernes, Julio 19, 2024 (14:00)
      Father teaches us that we are accountable for our time.
  • Programas de la semana pasada

    • marriage plus - 14th week in ordinary time
      Lunes, Julio 8, 2024 (14:00)
      Father tells us that we must deepen our spousal relationship with the Lord.
    • vocations
      Martes, Julio 9, 2024 (14:00)
      Father explains what a vocation is. It is a degree of commitment.
    • lifestyles
      Miércoles, Julio 10, 2024 (14:00)
      Father exhorts us not to forget the Lord, especially when you are blessed.
    • healing
      Jueves, Julio 11, 2024 (14:00)
      Father shows us how healing is emphasized in scripture.
    • idolatry
      Viernes, Julio 12, 2024 (14:00)
      Father warns us to be on guard for the idols of today.
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