Daily Bread Pistas para Agosto 2006

  • christ is coming!
    Agosto 31, 2006 (14:00)
    Father shows us how to wait for the coming of the Lord and what to expect when He does!
  • getting our work right
    Agosto 30, 2006 (14:00)
    Father explains the proper attitude we need toward working as a Christian.
  • waiting for the coming of the lord
    Agosto 29, 2006 (14:00)
    Father gives us an historical lesson on the second coming and what our attitude today should be.
  • what is normal church life?
    Agosto 28, 2006 (14:00)
    Father tells us what people should say about the church we belong to. Can they?
  • them dry bones
    Agosto 25, 2006 (14:00)
    Father shows us how today's reading in Ezekiel relates to the state of the world today and what to do about it.
  • foundation of the church
    Agosto 24, 2006 (14:00)
    Father uses scriptures and the catechism to show Apostolic succession for the leadership of the church.
  • an issue of leadership
    Agosto 23, 2006 (14:00)
    Father talks about choosing the right path of leadership we have been called to.
  • what you need to go to hell
    Agosto 22, 2006 (14:00)
    Father talks about what not to do to go to hell.
  • lack of love in the world today
    Agosto 21, 2006 (14:00)
    Father explains our world condition and what we need to obtain genuine love.
  • marriage & the four "ds"
    Agosto 18, 2006 (14:00)
    Father tells us about the four 'D's of vocation; Discernment, Decision, Development, Direction
  • rebellion
    Agosto 17, 2006 (14:00)
    Father explains what rebeillion against God is.
  • how to resolve a conflict
    Agosto 16, 2006 (14:00)
    Father gives us the method we should use when another brother or sister in Christ needs correction.
  • the assumption
    Agosto 15, 2006 (14:00)
    Father explains what the Assumption is and how we can prepare for ours.
  • do you have a foundational relationship?
    Agosto 14, 2006 (14:00)
    Father uses the visions described in scripture to show how we must 'get' being Christian.
  • why did jesus save us?
    Agosto 11, 2006 (14:00)
    To make us disciples to all nations.
  • feast of st. lawrence
    Agosto 10, 2006 (14:00)
    St. Lawrence was a great giver. Father uses his feast day to show how scripture encourages us to give what the Father has given us.
  • restoration promises
    Agosto 9, 2006 (14:00)
    Father uses scripture to show how Jesus has promised us the restoration of His Father's plan for us.
  • discerning leadership
    Agosto 8, 2006 (14:00)
    Father speaks about knowing who to follow and how to lead.
  • coverups
    Agosto 7, 2006 (14:00)
    Father speaks out about birth control and abortion.
  • our freedom to choose… hell
    Agosto 4, 2006 (14:00)
    Father shows us how, by grace, we are given sufficient opportunity to choose Heaven or Hell.
  • how to be a masterpiece
    Agosto 3, 2006 (14:00)
    Father encourages us to work toward being the masterpieces God intended us all to be.
  • are you a disqualified prophet?
    Agosto 2, 2006 (14:00)
    Father tells us how to be the 'mouth piece' of the Lord.
  • why do good things happen to bad people?
    Agosto 1, 2006 (14:00)
    Father gives us five reasons why things sometimes seem so unfair.