Daily Bread Pistas para Septiembre 2012

  • the tyranny of time
    Septiembre 28, 2012 (14:04)
    Father discusses today's reading in Ecclesiastes regarding the relationship of time.
  • all things are vanity
    Septiembre 27, 2012 (14:06)
    Father teaches us from the book of Eclastis
  • the relationship between evangelization and lifestyle
    Septiembre 26, 2012 (14:06)
    Father talks about the life style of the those with the spirit of poverty.
  • hear & do!
    Septiembre 25, 2012 (14:06)
    Father explains what to look for to know if we are hearing and doing the Word of God.
  • turn on the lights! - 25th week in ordinary time
    Septiembre 24, 2012 (14:06)
    Father shows us, with examples in his own ministry, how when we know who we are what we can do!
  • are you working as you are called?
    Septiembre 21, 2012 (14:04)
    Father encourages us to Work for Jesus in our 'ordinary' occupations.
  • how great a sinner are we?
    Septiembre 20, 2012 (14:06)
    Father shows us how much each of needs forgiveness.
  • selfishness
    Septiembre 19, 2012 (14:06)
    Father gives us examples in scripture of people who were selfish and what it costs us when we are.
  • charisms???
    Septiembre 18, 2012 (14:06)
    Using today's first reading Father explains what charisims are and why they are important to have.
  • communion, not division - 24th week in ordinary time
    Septiembre 17, 2012 (14:06)
    Father explains today's first reading on Communion in the early church and what it means for us today.
  • the triumphs of the cross
    Septiembre 14, 2012 (14:04)
    Father shows us the many triumphs that resulted from the Cross.
  • how to draw the line
    Septiembre 13, 2012 (14:06)
    Father shows us how it is possible for us to cause others to sin and how to avoid this.
  • the practical bible
    Septiembre 12, 2012 (14:06)
    Father talks about the practicalness of the Bible.
  • to sue or not to sue
    Septiembre 11, 2012 (14:06)
    Father discusses the Christian attitude toward legal matters.
  • how to deal with siners - 23rd week in ordinary time
    Septiembre 10, 2012 (14:06)
    Father uses today's readings to show how to deal with sexual sin in today's culture of 'tolerance'.
  • jesus shows us how to fast
    Septiembre 7, 2012 (14:04)
    Father shows us in scripture the right way to fast and why it is so important.
  • go out into the deep
    Septiembre 6, 2012 (14:06)
    Using the encouragement of Pope John Paul II, Father encourages us to envangelize.
  • are you immature?
    Septiembre 5, 2012 (14:06)
    Father talks about spiritual immaturity and what happens when we receive the Holy Spirit.
  • be in the spirit!
    Septiembre 4, 2012 (14:06)
    Father talks about the many ways to be in the Holy Spirt.
  • are you pre-occupied? - 22nd week in ordinary time
    Septiembre 3, 2012 (14:06)
    Father speaks about his favorite subject, the Holy Spirit!