Daily Bread Pistas para Diciembre 2014

  • close it
    Diciembre 31, 2014 (14:06)
    Father encourages us to stop delaying what the Holy Spirit wants us to do and 'get to it'.
  • out of the world
    Diciembre 30, 2014 (14:06)
    Father teaches us what is wrong with being in love with the World.
  • hold the baby in your arms - 4th week of advent
    Diciembre 29, 2014 (14:06)
    Father encourages us to hold the Baby Jesus in our arms the right way, and not as Judas did.
  • a persecutable christmas
    Diciembre 26, 2014 (14:04)
    Father uses the beatitudes to show us how to have a persecutable Christmas.
  • give yourself
    Diciembre 25, 2014 (14:06)
    Father explains how we can, and should give ourselves to Christ this Christmas.
  • great expectations!
    Diciembre 24, 2014 (14:06)
    Father encourages us not to waste this last day of Advent.
  • purification
    Diciembre 23, 2014 (14:06)
    Father shows us in scripture how we need to become purified for Christmas.
  • the magnificat - 4th week of advent/christmas week
    Diciembre 22, 2014 (14:06)
    Father invites us to pray the Magnificat daily.
  • vows
    Diciembre 19, 2014 (14:04)
    Father uses today's reading to explain how vows give us strength.
  • just christmas
    Diciembre 18, 2014 (14:06)
    Father talks about all of the injustices that occur that we may not realize.
  • god is crazy about us!
    Diciembre 17, 2014 (14:06)
    Father explains that by His redemption of us we are raised to a new dignity.
  • be humble
    Diciembre 16, 2014 (14:06)
    Father shows us how to be humble in imitation of Jesus and gives us ways to know if we are proud.
  • seek the truth - third week of advent
    Diciembre 15, 2014 (14:06)
    Father teaches us that if we are looking for the truth, no matter how far we are from the truth, He will speak with us.
  • focus on the pregnancy
    Diciembre 12, 2014 (14:04)
    Father shows how to prepare for Christmas by watching how an expectant Mother prepares.
  • who are you?
    Diciembre 11, 2014 (14:06)
    Father gives us an explanation of our true identity when we walk with Jesus.
  • burned out?
    Diciembre 10, 2014 (14:06)
    Father explains the difference between being worn out and burned out and shows us how to keep from being burned out.
  • cry out in the desert!
    Diciembre 9, 2014 (14:06)
    Father speaks to our hearts today to encourage our faith in Jesus.
  • miracle after miracle - the feast of the immaculate conception & 2nd week in advent
    Diciembre 8, 2014 (14:06)
    Father reminds us that Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is the Patroness of the United States. We need to pray to her now more than ever.
  • the world is going to change
    Diciembre 5, 2014 (14:04)
    Father shows us in scripture that 'in a little while' things are going to change!
  • obedience of jesus
    Diciembre 4, 2014 (14:06)
    Father talks about our imitation of the obedience Jesus practiced.
  • sharing a miracle?
    Diciembre 3, 2014 (14:06)
    Father teaches us the true understanding of the miracle of the multiplication of loafs and fishes.
  • focus on the holy spirit
    Diciembre 2, 2014 (14:06)
    Father explains that it is only with the Holy Spirit can we do good work.
  • commit! - 1st week of advent
    Diciembre 1, 2014 (14:06)
    Father calls us to start the new year by obeying God and re-commit our lives to Him.