Daily Bread Pistas para Abril 2022

  • the eucharist
    Abril 29, 2022 (14:00)
    Father makes the connection that Jesus began his passion with the Eucharist and ended Easter Sunday with the Eucharist.
  • be open to the holy spirit
    Abril 28, 2022 (14:00)
    Father teaches us what it may mean if we open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit.
  • work for the right reasons
    Abril 27, 2022 (14:00)
    Father explains what our attitude should be toward our employers and co-workers in order to work for eternity.
  • small home-based christian communities
    Abril 26, 2022 (14:00)
    Father shows us how Christian Community worked in the early church.
  • humility - 2nd week of easter
    Abril 25, 2022 (14:00)
    Father talks about humility using the gospel reading for the feast of St Mark
  • leadership - third week in ordinary time
    Abril 22, 2022 (14:00)
    Father shows how Peter encourages leadership and reaches out to them.
  • repent
    Abril 21, 2022 (14:00)
    Father shows us in the scripture that we need to repent in order to meet Jesus
  • how to meet the risen christ
    Abril 20, 2022 (14:00)
    Father explains that in order to meet the risen Christ we must find Him in the Mass.
  • come holy spirit
    Abril 19, 2022 (14:00)
    Father teaches us that we must have the Holy Spirit in order to 'get' Easter.
  • believe in the word - octave of easter
    Abril 18, 2022 (14:00)
    Father shows us through scripture that we must get into the Word and spread it!
  • jesus crucified
    Abril 15, 2022 (14:00)
    Father provides us today with a reflection on the crucifixion based on Isaiah.
  • the mystery of the eucharist
    Abril 14, 2022 (14:00)
    Father asks why so many do not believe what Jesus said.
  • hearing god
    Abril 13, 2022 (14:00)
    Father encourages us to listen to hear God.
  • jesus, the light to the nations
    Abril 12, 2022 (14:00)
    Father shows us in scripture how Jesus is the light to all nations.
  • justice - holy week
    Abril 11, 2022 (14:00)
    Father urges us to do Justice.
  • persecution
    Abril 8, 2022 (14:00)
    Father tells us that we are called to suffer for the love of God.
  • jesus is god!
    Abril 7, 2022 (14:00)
    Father explains how we are affected when we believe that Jesus is God.
  • freedom and truth
    Abril 6, 2022 (14:00)
    Father tells us what being free in Christ means.
  • avoid dying in your sins!
    Abril 5, 2022 (14:00)
    Father pleads with us to not die in our sins and gives us examples of some who have.
  • the cost of forgiveness - fifth week in lent
    Abril 4, 2022 (14:00)
    Father shows us the cost of forgiveness.
  • be willing to suffer for jesus
    Abril 1, 2022 (14:00)
    Father teaches us about the mystery of suffering.