St. Anthony

Cleveland, Ohio  (Chagin Falls)


We are all adults and meet formally twice a month. One is an open meeting that we invite new people to and the other is for covenant members. We all live far from each other but get together through our bible study ministry and our active prayer line. Many of us work together as members of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Bible College and the Cleveland Branch of PM.

In 1997 while at the Discipleship Center's Seminar on "Building Christian Communities", it was discerned that Bonnie Bobrowski was called to lead a home-base community. People were invited to come and view the 12 Seminars and after that a 3 month covenant was made on the feast of St. Anthony, June 13th, 1998. In November,1999 the Lamparyks, Meades and the Vosslers joined in making a covenant. Then in May of 2003 the Newports joined with us. In 2005 Shirley Laule joined us and the following year the Triozzi’s and Fran Sekerak signed the covenant. Ed and Mary Lamparyk and Bonnie Bobrowski form the leadership team.

Our community's ministry is to teach Guadalupe Bible College in 3 parishes in the greater Cleveland area. This is how we serve the larger church. One of our community's members, Shelley Meade, is the president of GBC and our community assists Shelley.

When the Lamparyk's were asked how community life has affected them, they answered, "Community has helped us to stay focused on the Lord and on what is really important in this life. We are now retired and could spend our days on leisure-type worldly activities, but the community keeps us connected with other people who know that the most important thing that we can do is to love and serve the Lord."

Contact:  Bonnie Bobrowski