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Search for Presentation Ministries feeds within your feed reader app or use the links below to help you get started. If you can't find our feeds by searching, the RSS Link can be copied and pasted into any reader app. We also offer a few   podcasts.

  • Presentation Ministries RSS Feed

    Daily One Bread, One Body reflections and updates for other new and featured PM publications

  • Catholic Mass Readings

    Daily listing of Catholic Mass readings

What's An RSS Feed?

An RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed is a format for delivering regularly published information on the Internet. Newspapers, blogs, or other websites where new content is regularly published typically offer RSS feeds which allow their users to easily keep updated with new content.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using a  feed reader or aggregator   app on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Some example apps are  Feedly   and  FlowReader.