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Thursday, June 20, 1996

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Sirach 48:1-14
Psalm 97
Matthew 6:7-15

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raise your voice

Elisha "wrought many marvels by his mere word." —Sirach 48:12

When we say what God wants us to say, our words:

  • are "as a flaming furnace" (Sir 48:1). They purify those who listen to them as fire purifies gold (see 1 Pt 1:7; Lk 24:32),
  • can shut the heavens (Sir 48:3), stop evil (Mt 16:19), and destroy kings (Sir 48:6),
  • can bring down fire (Sir 48:3), move mountains (Mt 17:20), raise the dead (Sir 48:5), and loose the works of God (Mt 16:19),
  • can bring anointing to kings and prophets (Sir 48:8),
  • can "put an end to wrath before the day of the Lord" (Sir 48:10),
  • can "turn back the hearts of fathers toward their sons" (Sir 48:10),
  • can re-establish the Church (see Sir 48:10), and
  • can be like the words of Elijah and Elisha — only much more powerful (Mt 11:11; Jn 14:12).

Your words can be this powerful, anointed, and anointing because "you yourselves will not be the speakers; the Spirit of your Father will be speaking in you" (Mt 10:20). Speak the word of God. See the grace, power, and glory of God!

Prayer:  Father, open my ears to hear You so I can open my mouth in Your name (see Is 50:4).

Promise:  "If you forgive the faults of others, your heavenly Father will forgive you yours. If you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive you." —Mt 6:14-15

Praise:  Ron witnessed about Jesus on his job interview. The interviewer accepted Jesus and hired Ron.

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Robert L. Hagedorn, November 29, 1995

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, December 4, 1995