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Wednesday, April 28, 1999

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St. Peter Chanel

Acts 12:24—13:5
Psalm 67
John 12:44-50

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the mission of love

"May God bless us, and may all the ends of the earth fear Him!" —Psalm 67:8

Without believing in Jesus, we remain in the dark (Jn 12:46). If we don't accept Jesus' words, we are already under judgment, and we deprive ourselves of eternal life (Jn 12:47). If we don't give our lives to Jesus, we continue to be "dead because of (our) sins and offenses" (Eph 2:1). Without Jesus, there is no hope (see Eph 2:12).

Therefore, let us pray for "the word of the Lord" to continue "to spread and increase" (Acts 12:24). Let us pray and fast together so that each one of us will be a witness and missionary for Jesus (see Acts 13:2-3). Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to our local community to set apart missionaries to take the gospel of Jesus to all the nations (see Acts 13:2). May we back these missionaries with daily prayer, persevering service, and sacrificial giving.

Because we love Jesus and people, because life without Jesus is a preview of hell, and because life in Jesus is a taste of heaven, we all must be missionaries and every church must be missionary. Jesus' last command to us before His Ascension was: "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations" (Mt 28:19). In love, go now and make disciples.

Prayer:  Lord, "may Your way be known upon earth; among all nations, Your salvation" (Ps 67:3).

Promise:  "I have come to the world as its light, to keep anyone who believes in Me from remaining in the dark." —Jn 12:46

Praise:  St. Peter had great success using his gift of healing the sick as a means of evangelization.

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Ralph J. Lawrence, October 9, 1998

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, October 17, 1998