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Monday, May 31, 1999

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The Visitation of Mary

Zephaniah 3:14-18 or
Romans 12:9-16
Isaiah 12:2-6
Luke 1:39-56

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no haste makes waste

"Thereupon Mary set out, proceeding in haste into the hill country." —Luke 1:39

When Mary received the Holy Spirit, she conceived Jesus and then proceeded in haste to bring Jesus and the Holy Spirit to Elizabeth and John (Lk 1:39-44).

When one-hundred and twenty disciples of Jesus received the Holy Spirit at the first Christian Pentecost, they proceeded in haste to lead three thousand people to Jesus and the Holy Spirit within a few hours (Acts 2:4-41).

The Holy Spirit not only inspires us to share our faith; He inspires us to share our faith immediately. "The love of Christ impels us" (2 Cor 5:14). Like Jesus, we "have come to light a fire on the earth" (Lk 12:49). How we "wish the blaze were ignited!" (Lk 12:49) In the Holy Spirit, we know that "now is the acceptable time! Now is the day of salvation!" (2 Cor 6:2) We know that one of the worst mistakes a person can make is to delay his conversion to the Lord (Sir 5:8). We know that the only regret a person has when he gives his life to Jesus is that he didn't do it sooner. Therefore, with Mary let us proceed in haste as walking tabernacles to give Jesus and the Holy Spirit to as many people as possible today. 

Prayer:  Father, may my actions be appropriate for a person who is loved perfectly and freed from death.

Promise:  "God indeed is my Savior; I am confident and unafraid. My strength and my courage is the Lord, and He has been my Savior. With joy you will draw water at the fountain of salvation." —Is 12:2-3

Praise:  "Blest is she who trusted that the Lord's words to her would be fulfilled" (Lk 1:45).

Nihil Obstat:  Reverend Ralph J. Lawrence, October 9, 1998

Imprimatur:  †Most Reverend Carl K. Moeddel, Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, October 17, 1998