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Thursday, February 4, 2021

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Hebrews 12:18-19, 21-24
Psalm 48:2-4, 9-11
Mark 6:7-13

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“With that they went off, preaching the need of repentance. They expelled many demons, anointed the sick with oil, and worked many cures.” —Mark 6:12-13

Many Christians have accepted Jesus as Lord, been converted, and even have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Yet still the great harvest has few workers (Lk 10:2). Few make the transition from basic Christian commitment to ministry. What’s our problem?
After Jesus summoned and sent forth the apostles with “authority over unclean spirits” (Mk 6:7), “He instructed them to take nothing on their journey” (Mk 6:8). He even enumerated “no food, no traveling bag, not a coin,” no second tunic, and no accommodations (Mk 6:8-10). Few have ever trusted the Lord so as to go forth without any crutches, totally dependent on Him. However, this is basic training for Christian ministry.
This may be the cause of our problem, the great harvest with few workers. We don’t need more training as much as more trusting. We don’t need more crutches; instead we need to lean more on Jesus. In our weakness, His power will reach perfection (2 Cor 12:9). We don’t need more “stuff,” but more faith.

Prayer:  Lord, forgive and heal me. May I throw away my crutches.

Promise:  “You have drawn near to Mount Zion and the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to myriads of angels in festal gathering, to the assembly of the first-born enrolled in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus, the Mediator of a new covenant.” —Heb 12:22-24

Praise:  Marty and Louise prayed for God’s number of children in their marriage and were blessed with triplets.


Rescript:  "In accord with the Code of Canon Law, I hereby grant the Nihil Obstat for One Bread, One Body covering the period from February 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021. Most Reverend Joseph R. Binzer, Auxiliary Bishop, Vicar General, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio March 31, 2020"

The Nihil Obstat ("Permission to Publish") is a declaration that a book or pamphlet is considered to be free of doctrinal or moral error. It is not implied that those who have granted the Nihil Obstat agree with the contents, opinions, or statements expressed.