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Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Zechariah 2:5-9, 14-15
Jeremiah 31:10-13
Luke 9:43-45

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god’s insurance policies

“I will be for her an encircling wall of fire, says the Lord, and I will be the glory in her midst.” —Zechariah 2:9

Zechariah prophesied that God’s people would live “as though in open country” (Zec 2:8). In other words, they would not need a wall, army, or other means of protection. The Lord Himself would be “an encircling wall of fire” to protect them (Zec 2:9).

This prophecy has been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. He is our Rock, Fortress, and Deliverer (Ps 18:3). We need no longer defend or insure ourselves. Jesus is all the firepower, all the insurance we’ll ever need.

Most Christians don’t believe the Lord is that real. Some say the Lord protects us through insurance companies, military forces, and government intelligence agencies. Is this the Lord’s idea, or a theology based on our lack of faith? Did Jesus ever say He wanted to use a corporation to insure us or an army to protect us? Didn’t the Lord actually intend to be “an encircling wall of fire”?

We should always be motivated by faith and not by fear (see Mk 5:36). Let’s not conform ourselves to the world (Rm 12:2), but be transformed by the Spirit.

Prayer:  Father, give me a freedom, fearlessness, and boldness I’ve never had before.

Promise:  “He Who scattered Israel, now gathers them together, He guards them as a shepherd his flock.” —Jer 31:10

Praise:  When encouraged to abort, Timothy and Amanda prayed to the Deliverer and were blessed with healthy twins.

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