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Saturday, January 29, 2022

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2 Samuel 12:1-7, 10-17
Psalm 51:12-17
Mark 4:35-41

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“you are the man!” (2 sm 12:7)

“I have sinned against the Lord.” —2 Samuel 12:13

King David’s public life was magnificent. He dealt shrewdly with troops, subjects, and with other powerful nations. God blessed him with great victories and peace from enemies. He was a man after God’s own heart (see Acts 13:22). David composed beautiful songs to give praise to God. He restored the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem and his encouragement led the people of Israel into a time of prosperity as a nation.

Unfortunately, David’s private life was a shambles. In yesterday’s reading, David’s troops were engaged in battle. Kings of other nations were fighting in their battles (see 2 Sm 11:1), but not King David. Instead, as David relaxed, his eyes wandered, and he had an adulterous tryst with the wife of Uriah, a loyal, trusting soldier (2 Sm 11:3-17). He committed not only adultery, but also a most despicable murder of Uriah. Today’s reading reflects the further deterioration of David’s private life: a civil war in his own house, and the beginning of the downward spiral of the nation of Israel (2 Sm 12:14ff).

David sinned greatly. He also repented with his whole heart. God even transformed the sin of David’s adultery into the fruit of continuing the family line from which Jesus would be born (see Mt 1:6). As the saying goes, God writes straight with crooked lines.

What about your life? Do you look good in public, but not in private? Could God admonish you by saying, “You are the man” or “You are the woman”? (see 2 Sm 12:7) Invite Jesus into the boat of your life (see Mk 4:38). Jesus can transform tryst into trust, convert sin into redemption, and change your storms into peace. Repent as David repented and call upon the Lord.

Prayer:  “A clean heart create for me, O God” (Ps 51:12).

Promise:  Jesus “awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea: ‘Quiet! Be still!’ The wind fell off and everything grew calm.” —Mk 4:39

Praise:  Jesus healed young Larry of serious asthma.

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