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Saturday, November 25, 2023

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St. Catherine of Alexandria

1 Maccabees 6:1-13
Psalm 9:2-4, 6, 16, 19
Luke 20:27-40

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prepare for death by living for jesus

“They become like angels and are no longer liable to death.” —Luke 20:36

The readings for today’s Mass display some people who had misunderstandings about death. King Antiochus was dying in confusion and so did not prepare well for his death (1 Mc 6:8-13). The Sadducees tried to “use” death in an absurd example to politicize their beliefs (see Lk 20:27-33). These misunderstandings about death continue in the present day. The abortion industry plies its trade in death, and makes its profits from death. For them, death means money. Halloween, which has evolved into a holiday that glorifies death, must be pleasing to Satan, “the prince of death” (Heb 2:14). The secular culture often twists death to appear attractive. No wonder suicide is so prevalent; it is presented as a solution to our problems.

If we place our hopes in this world alone, we “are the most pitiable of” people (1 Cor 15:19). If we insist on living without Jesus, we face not being prepared for our death.

Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of Christ the King, Lord of the Universe. Jesus is “the Resurrection and the Life” (Jn 11:25), “the Way, and the Truth, and the Life” (Jn 14:6). He is the “Author of Life” (Acts 3:15). Living in Jesus, we focus on life “to the full” (Jn 10:10), not on death.

Therefore, “choose life” (Dt 30:19). “In whatever you do, remember your last days, and you will never sin” (Sir 7:36). Repent! Now is the time! (2 Cor 6:2) Prepare for death by living for Jesus.

Prayer:  “Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.”

Promise:  “The needy shall not always be forgotten, nor shall the hope of the afflicted forever perish.” —Ps 9:19

Praise:  St. Catherine is said to have had a vision of Baby Jesus before her Baptism. God used her wisdom to convert fifty pagan philosophers.

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