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Thursday, February 1, 2024

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1 Kings 2:1-4, 10-12
1 Chronicles 29:10-12
Mark 6:7-13

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the last word

“I am going the way of all mankind.” —1 Kings 2:2

David had an eventful life. He was very handsome. With his own hands, he killed both a lion and a bear (1 Sm 17:36). He beheaded the giant Goliath and won victory for the Israelite nation. David was the anointed King of Israel for forty years (1 Kgs 2:11). He escaped several attempts on his life. He was the most successful general in Israelite history. He won many wars and killed thousands of people. His kingdom survived a civil war. He had several wives and dozens of children. One of his children died shortly after birth. David saw 70,000 people die in three days because of his sin (2 Sm 24:15). He wrote many of the psalms. He was a gifted musician. He was a top-notch businessman and the standard by which all kings would be measured in Israelite history. To put it mildly, David had an eventful life.

When David lay on his deathbed, he looked back at his life of pleasure, power, violence, intrigue, sex, money, sin, blessing, worship, success, prosperity, etc. Then David looked at his son Solomon and all he had to say to him was: “Keep the mandate of the Lord, your God, following His ways and observing His statutes, commands, ordinances, and decrees” (1 Kgs 2:3).

In the end, after all is said and done, the meaning of life is: “Obey God.” What we have done in obedience to Him lasts forever; everything else passes away. Obey God. It is our duty and privilege to obey Him.

Prayer:  Father, give me daily the grace to desire to obey You. Pour out Your Spirit on me so that I may always do Your will.

Promise:  “They went off, preaching the need of repentance. They expelled many demons, anointed the sick with oil, and worked many cures.” —Mk 6:12-13

Praise:  Jesus healed Sarah’s deteriorating eyesight. She can now see well enough to drive again.


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